Car Maintenance: 5 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

It might sound intimidating, but you can handle many of these car maintenance tips yourself.

28 February 2022

Car maintenance can seem daunting at first, but with the prices of new and used cars skyrocketing, it may be a good idea to catch up on some necessary maintenance. Fortunately, these five auto maintenance tips are the kinds of repairs just about anyone can handle:

  1. Change a Tire
    Changing a tire is one of the most important things a driver can learn to do. You'll want to make sure you've stocked your car with a spare tire, car jack, lug wrench, and your vehicle owner's manual. When changing a tire, it's essential to make sure to always pull over to a safe location and turn your emergency flashers on.
  2. Swap Your Windshield Wipers
    Wiper blade setup differs from car to car, but luckily, your vehicle owner's manual and the packaging for the new blades should come with a set of general instructions and photos.
  3. Switch Out Your Air Filter
    Your air filter helps keep harmful contaminants like outside debris, dust, insects, etc., from your engine to keep a good mixture of air and fuel to support engine performance. Replacing a clogged filter can also help increase fuel efficiency and requires few to no tools!
  4. Fix Tears in Leather and Vinyl
    With a vinyl and leather repair kit from any auto parts store, you can repair minor upholstery damages for less than 20 dollars!
  5. Review Your Auto Insurance Policy
    You make sure your car is in good shape, so why not do the same for your auto policy? It's always a good idea to occasionally review your auto insurance policy with your agent to help ensure your coverages, limits, and deductibles are still best suited for your current needs.

These five DIY auto repairs can save you money and time over the life of your vehicle, but remember, one of the biggest steps to DIY is knowing when not to do it yourself. If you're ever unsure how to replace a car part, be sure to contact a professional for help.

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