Health Insurance

Why Have Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is important because it helps to cover health care costs to you and your family in the unfortunate event of an accident or illness. There are many plans to choose from whether that is Major Medical Plan that covers all the 10 Essential Health Products required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or a more scaled down plan, such a Personal Accident Medical, and many others. To find the right plan that meets the individual health needs and financial needs of the person, that are many factors that need to be discussed. There are many health plans we offer through various National and Regional Health Insurance Companies across the country. We will work with them to find a plan that best meets your needs.

Health Insurance Products We Have to Offer:


Guaranteed issue with competitive premiums and only a 30-day waiting period for preventative dental. $50 policy year deductible with up to a $1,200 benefit per policy year for dental, vision, and hearing services.


Available up to and including people age 85.


Personal Accident Medical Insurance provides cash benefits to help cover medical and/or everyday livings expenses incurred as a result of an accidental injury, on or off the job, regardless of any other insurance* you have.

Best For

This product is great as a stand-alone policy for individuals and families, or as a nice complement to a Major Medical or Short Term Health Plan.


This plan is GUARANTEED ISSUE with, NO medical questions to answer an EASY online application.


Issue ages are 18-74 for primary insured. A child under the age of 18 may apply with a parent. Plan ends at age 75.

*With the exception of Workers’ Compensation, Employer’s Liability, or similar laws, even if you do not file a claim for benefits.


Pays benefits up to $50,000 to a policyholder who is diagnosed with any of the following diseases or medical conditions: cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and/or organ transplant. Full benefits paid out upon diagnosis with no restrictions on how money is to be used.

Additional Premium

For an additional premium, applicants can choose the Extended Plan, which covers the above conditions in addition to paralysis, severe burns, and loss of sight, speech, and/or hearing. In some select states, a Return of Premium Option is also available.


Guaranteed issue that provides cash benefits of $200 per day for up to 90 days if policyholder is admitted to a hospital due to an accident.

Additional Coverage

If required treatment includes admittance to the intensive care or burn unit, policyholder receives an additional $200 per day ($400 per day total) for up to 30 days. In addition, if required treatment includes emergency services from an accident without an overnight stay, the plan will pay $150 per visit.


Provides available coverage for many hard to place cases with benefits up to five (5) years and waiting periods as short as seven (7) days.


Pays benefits in a lump sum ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 upon first diagnosis with no medical treatment required or restrictions on how money is to be used.

  • Guaranteed renewable for life
  • Paid directly to you or anyone you designate


An affordable option for everyday health care needs and viable solution to the rising cost of health care that offers three different levels of first dollar benefits.


Telemedicine provides individuals access to U.S. based physicians 24/7/365, over the phone or by video chat. Cost is $110 a year (or just $12.50 if paid monthly) for unlimited access.

What to Expect

  • A physician will contact you in UNDER FIVE MINUTES on average
  • There are no additional fees or copays for your calls.
  • Save time and money in physician visits, copays and out-of-pocket costs
  • Physician provides diagnosis conveniently over the phone or video chat
  • Prescriptions called into pharmacy when appropriate*
* Normal prescription costs would apply. This service does not prescribe controlled substances or lifestyle drugs.

Available to

Available to you and up to seven additional family members.


Call 844-208-7478 for more information or to sign up. TeleMedicine Services available for Employer Groups. Call for pricing.

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