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Is Your Property Ready for Spring? Use Our Home and Vehicle Checklist to Prepare for the Season

23 April 2024

As the sunny spring days come in, it’s a great time to shake off the winter and renew yourself and your property. Spend the early days performing spring maintenance on your home and vehicle. Doing so may help you prevent any damage or spot any issues that may have occurred during the winter.

From decluttering, cleaning, and making sure everything is in top condition, here are some essential tips to help you spring into action and welcome the new season.

Checklist To Get Your Home Spring Ready

Roof and gutters: Snow, ice, and the winter weather can wreak havoc on buildings. Gutters can crack or fill with old debris. Downspouts may be moved out of position. Roof shingles may be damaged or high winds may rip some off. Inspect the roof and gutters of your home carefully to fix any minor issues that can turn into larger issues like a leaky roof or drainage issues.

Concrete: Closely examine all the concrete on your property. Look for cracks or uneven surfaces that may need to be redone.

Woodwork: Snow, slush and sleet can damage wooden structures like decks and porches. Replace or hire a professional to reseal, repair, or replace any woodwork that is no longer safe.

Outdoor Water Systems: Test your outdoor water faucets, hoses, sprinklers, and any other outdoor water system. Replace or repair anything that is broken.

With spring comes an increase in rain and an increased chance of flooding. Did you know homeowners insurance does not include flood protection?

Our licensed insurance agents can help you find a homeowners policy and additional coverages such as flood protection that you may want to have. Give us a call at (844) 358-5605 so we can discuss your needs.

Foundation: Inspect your foundation. Look for cracks and unlevel soil near the home. Cracks should be filled, and soil levels should be leveled out.

Appliances and Fixtures: Perform proper maintenance on your appliances such as a water heater and A/C unit. If you have a chimney, it’s a great time to have it swept. Clean or replace your furnace air filter and ensure the unit is working properly.

Windows and screens: Check for any leaks, cracks, or rips.

Yard cleanup: You may need to get rid of old debris such as fallen tree branches or old leaves.

Checklist To Get Your Vehicle Spring Ready

Check fluid levels: Spring is a great time to check your vehicle’s fluid levels. Oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid are common fluids to top off or replace this time of year. Keeping the proper fluid levels is essential for keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently.

Inspect tires: Check the tread depth and tire pressure of all your tires, including the spare. As the wet spring and pothole season approach, it’s important to have good traction with the road. That starts with having safe tires inflated to the recommended psi.

Potholes are a common driving hazard in the spring. Read our pothole-avoiding tips to help prevent vehicle damage.

Test your battery: Cold winter temperatures can take a toll on your car battery. Test the battery voltage and check for any signs of corrosion. It may be time to replace the battery if it’s showing signs of weakness.

Wiper blades: The rain will increase in the warmer months and having good wiper blades helps keep you safe on the road. Cracked, damaged, or streaking blades may need to be replaced. Clear visibility is essential for safe driving in rainy weather.

Clean and detail: The beginning of spring is a great time to wash the winter off your car. Salt is corrosive, so it’s important to wash it off your vehicle when it’s warm enough to do so. Consider using equipment to clean the undercarriage too to make sure any corrosive materials don’t build up.

Spring cleaning the inside of your car is a good idea. You can remove any stains from slush that was dragged into the car during the winter and get your car fresh for spring.

As you prepare your home and vehicle for the arrival of spring, remember that a little planning and maintenance now can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

However, no matter how much you prepare, life is still full of surprises. Having homeowners and auto insurance that fits your budget and provides adequate coverage for your circumstances is important.

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