What is an SR-22?

15 August 2021

If you’ve never been involved with the legal system previously, but recently received a DUI or another serious driving infraction like reckless driving, you may be required by the state to carry SR-22 Insurance. However, you may ask yourself, what is an SR-22 and how do you get one?

Because many people have never heard the term SR-22 until they need one, there can be some confusion surrounding SR-22 requirements and knowing what your options are. Drivers who are looking to get back on the road after a serious driving infraction may need to file an SR-22, and InsureOnline.com can help you answer questions and learn more about what an SR-22 is and how it affects you.

What Is an SR-22?

Also sometimes called a certificate of financial responsibility, an SR-22 is an auto insurance document that proves a person has met the minimum required liability coverage. It is required by state or court order for some drivers and is filed with the appropriate state department of motor vehicles by your insurance company on your behalf. An SR-22 is not insurance; instead, it simply shows the state that you carry the required amount of car insurance to drive and that you’ll maintain coverage for a certain period of time. If you don’t, your insurance company is required to alert the state and you could have your driver’s license suspended or revoked.

Why Do You Need an SR-22?

Typically, you will not need an SR-22 form unless you’ve committed a serious driving offense or if you’ve had multiple small driving infractions which were not dealt with or paid sufficiently. While the reasons for needing an SR-22 can vary, someone may be required by the court or state to obtain SR-22 insurance for driving infractions such as a DUI, being in an accident while uninsured, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, or receiving multiple driving infractions, such as speeding.

Additionally, you may be required to carry SR-22 insurance even if you don’t own a vehicle. A non-owner policy will be attached to you instead of a vehicle to cover any potential damages or injuries you may cause will operating someone else’s vehicle, such as if you drive a rental vehicle or borrow a family member’s car.

How to Get Cheap SR-22 Insurance

Drivers who require an SR-22 will likely be considered high-risk drivers, which often results in increased insurance rates. Therefore, it’s best to contact InsureOnline.com and talk to your agent as soon as possible after receiving an SR-22 notice so your agent can help. Your agent can check with multiple providers to help you get the best rate available and look for any potential discounts which may be available to you. Additionally, make sure to maintain your SR-22 insurance without a lapse for the entire required time as there can be serious, and expensive, consequences if you fail to do so!

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