Jet Ski/Wave Runner (PWC) Insurance

What Is Jet Ski/Wave Runner PWC Insurance?
Your jet ski/wave runner, or personal watercraft (PWC), can be a great, affordable way to enjoy the water and warm weather! Being properly prepared is vital to staying safe on the water, which means protecting your personal watercraft with jet ski/wave runner (PWC) insurance. While not required by law in most states, PWC insurance is highly recommended as jet skis and wave runners can operate at high speeds and leave you and others at a higher risk of causing damage to yourself, others, and other people’s property. Additionally, jet ski insurance can help protect you from potential lawsuits in the event of accident.

What Does Jet Ski/Wave Runner (PWC) Insurance Cover?
Jet ski insurance can help protect your PWC/jet ski in the event of an accident, damage, or theft. Since your homeowner or auto insurance typically doesn’t cover your PWC or, if they do, the coverage may be limited, it’s important to know whether you have adequate insurance coverage for your PWC.

A personal watercraft insurance policy typically insures you against many common liability losses regardless of whether you operate it yourself or loan it to another person. It’s also important to note if you own several PWCs, each one will need to be insured.

Most PWC policies will typically cover the following:

  • Bodily injury to another person due to an accident
  • Damages to another PWC, boat, or dock
  • Water skiers or wake boarders who become injured towed on your craft
  • Physical damage
  • Injury to you caused by an uninsured
  • Negligence of another driver with using your PWC
  • Towing assistance

Additionally, your jet ski/PWC will need its own insurance policy separate from your boat insurance policy. Not every policy covers everything—your agent will work closely with you to create a coverage plan that can help protect your PWC to get the most out of the water!

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Policies and their features are subject to availability and may vary by state. For complete list of limitations and exclusions, costs and details of coverage and benefits, please contact us.

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